Meet Yolanda

Hello Gorgeous!

I'm Yolanda; high heel mom, car songstress, camera nerd and lover of all things Apple. 

After working with teens, teaching modeling and acting with a local agency for many years, I came to realize just how much impact the printed photograph has on one's self image. With this knowledge, I set about creating a photographic experience unmatched by any other in the marketplace. Our recipe for a great portrait session starts with a big dose of how YOU want to be photographed, then we add a dash of the fashion model experience that has become our signature style, and sprinkle it with fun! It is my goal that every client feels inspired and confident in their beauty and that they get to experience that through my lens.

I am a busy mom of 4-with children ranging from 17 to 2 years old. With football, basketball, cheer and dance...our family has a lot of moving parts.

When I am not photographing clients or concept shoots, I like to escape into a great story. Most often that is in the form of a movie. I absolutely love to travel and learn about different cultures. But, what gives me the greatest joy is hanging out with my little people and experiencing things through their eyes.

I would love to connect with you and design a portrait session that is as unique as you are! So let's unleash YOUR awesome. Drop me an email at or ring me at 919-274-3003. I can't wait to talk with you!


Hugs & High Fives!

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
— Karl Lagerfeld